We are a small software development and consulting company that focuses on Samvera (formerly known as Hydra), Blacklight, Fedora and related technologies. We’re passionate about working with open source software and building robust digital repositories to support the needs of a wide variety of cultural heritage and research institutions. If you’re interested in joining our team, please see our jobs page.


Mark Bussey, Chief Information Leafblower / Managing Director
Mark has over two decades of infrastructure management, system architecture, and development, and deployment experience across a wide variety of technology platforms.  Prior to joining DCE, he lead the BBYOpen development team supporting Best Buy’s e-commerce platform.  Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Mathematics from Amherst College and holds a Master of Arts degree in Music Education from the University of St. Thomas.  When not dabbling in technology, Mark is an avid classical guitarist and is board member and current president of the Minnesota Guitar Society.

Bess Sadler, Sr. Developer

2017-Bess2Bess has been building digital repositories for over fifteen years. She is a co-founder of both the Blacklight and Samvera software projects, and is a passionate advocate for open source software and DevOps culture. Before joining DCE, Bess was the Manager for Application Development at Stanford University Library, where she managed a portfolio that included EarthWorks, Library Systems, DevOps, linked data infrastructure development, and strategic planning for long term digital preservation and sustainable development practices. In her spare time, Bess enjoys gardening, cooking, contributing to social justice movements, and reading comic books.

Tom Johnson, Sr. Developer

2017-Tom2Tom is a librarian and developer with rich experience in scholarly communications and special collections. In his previous role he served as Metadata & Platform Architect at the Digital Public Library of America, where he worked on metadata aggregation at a national scale. As a long time contributor to the Samvera project, he has contributed to the adoption of RDF in the community and serves as a core member of the Ruby RDF team. In addition to his work with DCE, Tom is a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington iSchool where his work focuses on digital libraries and metadata interoperability.

Rachel Lynn, Business Manager

2017-RachelRachel joined the DCE team in 2014 after a five-year stint with a successful Minneapolis software company. She runs day-to-day business operations for DCE while helping to shape long-term business strategy. She also plays a key role in planning and coordinating DCE’s training offerings. Rachel is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and she worked in Film, Television and Advertising for many years. Rachel enjoys spending time with her family, reading, hiking, biking, camping, all variety of skiing and loves a good movie.

Jamie Little, Developer

2017-Jamie2Jamie is a software developer with 6 years of experience working in libraries and on library research projects. Before DCE, he worked at the University of Miami as the Digital Preservation & Application Development Librarian, where he contributed to open source projects ranging from Blacklight customization to digital preservation tools. He has an MSLIS from the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois. When not programming, he enjoys traveling with his partner, gaming, and listening to increasingly weird music on YouTube.

Valerie Maher, Sr. Developer

2017-Valerie2Valerie is an experienced software engineer with a background in several different fields, such as development for the web, desktop, APIs, tools, and embedded systems.  She enjoys working on open source software as a way to contribute back to a community that has so generously shared its knowledge.  Her hobbies include cooking, gardening, studying Japanese, birdwatching, and reading children’s books.

Jen Lindner, Developer

2017-JenJen is a web applications developer with experience in a variety of languages, frameworks and industries. She learned Ruby and Rails development in New York on a project for PBS, worked with Python and Django as a news applications developer for the Chicago Tribune, and has been working with Samvera-based projects since 2014. She lives in Chicago and is the proud and sentimental caretaker of two very lucky cats.



Founding Member Matt Zumwalt is one of the world’s leading experts on Digital Repositories.  He founded MediaShelf in 2006, and is the original engineer behind ActiveFedora and the Samvera Framework.  Since 2007, he has contributed to software projects at many of the world’s top libraries and archives, and has given presentations and workshops across North America & Europe.  From an early age, Matt has consistently dedicated his passion and skills to building and nourishing creative communities.  While Matt remains involved in the Samvera community, he is currently focusing his curatorial insights on other projects.

Justin Coyne is a 15 year veteran web developer.  He joined Media Shelf in 2011 and continued on with the transition to Data Curation Experts.  Justin has been an active committer on Samvera, ActiveFedora and Blacklight and continues to contribute in his new role on the HyBox team at Stanford.  Justin is a proponent of agile methodologies and is in favor of any method that encourages teams to work smarter.  Justin received his Masters degree in Software Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2006. Recently, Justin has been exploring non-relational data stores and javascript frameworks.

Alicia Cozine is a writer and technologist with an interest in automation. She joined Media Shelf in 2011 and stayed through the transition to Data Curation Experts and beyond. Alicia currently works as a technical writer on the Ansible team at Red Hat.

Shanita John Joined the DCE team as a seasoned Senior Project Manager and Director of Operations within the fields of interactive design and advertising. A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Shanita’s career experience began with–and has fittingly returned to–the world of technology start-ups. Although she counts it a privilege to have worked at agencies of 300+ employees, her preference has always been to work with smaller, more close-knit teams, because of their agile nature. She is a self-proclaimed ambivert, 90’s music aficionado and snack enthusiast,