Custom Hydra Development: DCE will develop a Hydra-based application that delivers the key features you’ve identified during the scoping phase. By developing the entire project collaboratively with your team, or through a focused hand-off phase at the end of the project, we work to ensure the appropriate knowledge transfer occurs to allow our clients to successfully sustain their Hydra solution without us.

Hydra Design & Scoping: we help you structure your Hydra project by conducting a structured set of meetings over two weeks. During that time, we work with your team to scope a full Hydra development plan, identify challenges and opportunities, draft an initial architecture, and develop high-level resource and time estimates. The output of these engagements is typically a phased project plan that your team or DCE can carry forward into an initial development phase.

Managed Hydra Cloud Instances We provide hosted Hydra solutions based on Sufia and Avalon. Using Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, we get you up and running quickly. Our DevOps team manages critical security patches throughout the year and ensures your hydra instance stays up to-date with two planned upgrade windows each year.

Public Hydra Camps: we offer open enrollment Hydra Camps at least once a year and often more frequently. Hydra Camp provides a 4-day introduction to all things Hydra focused on providing developers the skills and tools they need to successfully build Hydra solutions. You can find out more about the class on our Hydra Camp page.

Private & Customized Hydra Camps: we will happily lead a private Hydra Camp for your team exclusively. We are able to customize private training to focus on the specific topics most critical to making your project a success. This focused training time is also a great way to enhance cohesion and collaboration within newly formed Hydra teams.

Hydra Jumpstart: during a one or two week period, our team pairs with yours to jumpstart your Hydra development or implementation project. Focused, intensive collaboration allows us to get your project off the ground and establish initial momentum for your team. The close communication also allows us to better understand your environment and surface technical challenges and potential risks early, which reduces surprises and improves project outcomes.

Other Services: In addition to the engagements listed above we can also offer short-term design, implementation, consulting, and code-review services.


We’d be happy to speak with you about the specific details of your project. Our Contact page includes details on how to get in touch with us. Our Rate Sheet describes our basic rate structure; however, every project has it’s own unique constraints and we are always happy to provide a detailed quote based on your specific requirements.