Samvera Camp

About Samvera Camp

The goal of Samvera Camp is to introduce new developers to the skills and tools they will need to successfully build Samvera-based repository solutions. We offer public Samvera Camps at least once each academic year. The four day class is designed to give new Samvera developers exposure to the key components of the technology framework and introduce them to the collaborative working practices of the Samvera community.

For upcoming training opportunities, please see our Training Schedule.

Samvera Camp is not an introduction to programming course; successful participants will typically have at least one year of development experience and be comfortable with concepts such as control structures and data types. Specific experience with Rails is not required; however, we recommend that developers new to ruby spend some time getting familiar with basic syntax and operations. We really like the short tutorial at!

Data Curation Experts can also deliver custom Samvera Camps tailored to specific institution or project needs. Please contact us if you’re interested in exploring a customized workshop.

High-Level Syllabus

  • Day One
    • AM: Introduction to Ruby and Rails
    • PM: Build a basic repo with one object type
      HOMEWORK: Setup local development environments
  • Day Two
    • AM: Ruby, Rails, and collaborative development using Github
    • PM: Content and Metadata data streams: XML & RDF
  • Day Three
    • AM: The Samvera framework including Fedora and Solr; Example repository sites
    • PM: Blacklight including search and faceting; Access controls
  • Day Four
    • AM: Test Driven Development & the Samvera developer Toolkit
    • PM: Advanced Topics and Participant Q&A

We are constantly in the process of revising and updating the syllabus based on student feedback and advances in the Samvera technical framework; therefore, we only publish class-specific syllabi shortly before the individual class. We do post past syllabi online for student reference – here’s our syllabi from past camps:

Past Syllabi

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