Introducing Blacklight Folders

We’re pleased to announce the first release of the blacklight_folders gem, a plugin for Blacklight pioneered by Indiana University and built by Data Curation Experts.

Blacklight_folders is an enhanced reference organization tool. Authenticated users can:

  • create and manage multiple folders, private or public
  • save and order references within those folders
  • export folders with all their references as citations or to EndNote and RefWorks with blacklight_marc

Unauthenticated users have access to a default folder, to mirror the existing bookmarks functionality.

Blacklight_folders replaces the Bookmarks menu with a Folders menu. The code offers a migration script for existing bookmark records. The user interface is accessible to screen readers and supports keyboard navigation. It also includes a drag-and-drop interface for re-ordering references in a folder.

The repo is on github – we welcome contributors. For a limited time, DCE has a demo server running so you can see the code in action.

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