Discount Structure

At DCE, we are committed to the open source principles of transparency and sharing.  We’ve made a few changes to this year’s rate sheet which we hope embody these ideas.

  1. Any project we work on that is willing to license deliverables under an appropriate open source license will be eligible for our Open Source rates, which reflect an average 20% discount over our base work-for-hire rates. This reflects the reality that it’s actually more expensive for us not to share our work. Managing the overhead of tracking licensing on individual projects ends up costing us time and money that we would rather not have to charge for.
  2. Clients who choose to work with us on a strict Time-&-Materials basis will be eligible for a 10% discount. Committing to fixed cost projects involves a significant amount of risk and uncertainty for us, especially in light of the flexible and evolving requirements that govern most projects. We appreciate clients who actively engage in managing deliverables with us under a time-and-materials agreement. This is our way of recognizing their willingness to share the risks involved in producing high quality software.
  3. We are a small company and cash-flow is a concern for us. Waiting for payments to come through Accounts Payable departments sometimes gives us grey hairs. Clients who pre-pay (on smaller projects) or agree to net-5 terms (on larger projects) will be eligible for a 5% Early Payment Discount.

For Open Source work, this means that our base rates remain unchanged again this year. In addition, we’re hopeful that a broader number of partners will be able to benefit from our simplified discount structure.

Download the full PDF: DCE Rate Sheet 2014 – Q1

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