Technology exists to benefit people – why else would we create it? Technology is also created by and used by people — to understand technology, you must understand the people around it.

We care about pushing technology forward and empowering people to participate in that venture.  In particular, we want to enable the world to curate its data.  When you consider this, some crucial observations come to mind.  First – competition makes technologies better, and great technologists are always trying new approaches.  Second – writing code is only one part of creating great software.  Third – technology is only one part of digital curation. In light of this, it’s clear that we must connect and empower a much broader range of people, with a broad ranges of skills, while maintaining high standards of quality & open channels of communication.

In order to achieve these goals we formed Data Curation Experts, a global company focused on enabling the best, most skillful, and most productive experts to work on enabling the world to curate the content they care about.  Rather than forming a single team with a single technological vision, DCE enables truly talented individuals and teams around the world to take contracts, create software, and support adopters as they see fit.   Our role is to connect those teams, maintain an open & pragmatic culture across those teams, provide them with resources & information, and to apply standards of quality.

Initially we will be focused on providing commercial support for  the Samvera Framework worldwide, actively contributing to the Hydra project and upholding the meritocratic patterns of that community to define our standards for participation in DCE.  Over time, while continuing to hold Hydra at our core, we will expand our focus to include teams and technologies that are pushing forward the state of the art, applying & expanding the same standards of excellence, openness and meritocracy to new domains of data curation.